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Virtual labs for
Information Security

PC Maintenance & Repair

These labs map to the domains of the CompTIA A+ certifications exams: Core 1 (220-1001) and Core 2 (220-1002). It explores the fundamental principles of hardware and operating systems and prepares the learner for further study in IT-related work roles. Topics include: hardware, operating systems, networking, mobile devices, virtualization and Cloud Computing, security, troubleshooting hardware/software/networking problems, and operational procedures.

Over 250 labs for Information Security.

Breakdown of lab content

Lab NameTopics CoveredTools Used
Examining PC HardwareBIOS, CMOS, Control PanelPanel, DirectX Diag Tool, Resource Monitor, Device
Manager, PC Audit
PC Operating SystemsMicrosoft Management Console, Disk Management, Task ManagementMicrosoft Management Console, Disk Management, Task Scheduler, Regedit, Device Manager
Networking EssentialsPeer-Peer and Client/Server Networking, TCP/IP, NIC
configurations, Network Command Line Utilities, Firewall
ping, net, tracert, netstat, nbtstat ipconfig, firewall
PrintersInstalling and Sharing Printers, Adding a printer to a Workgroup computerControl Panel, Network and Internet, Sharing, Printer Installs and Configuration, Sharing Printers
Security PracticesManaging User Accounts, Local Group Policy, Sharing Folders and PermissionsUser Accounts, Local Group Policy, Sharing Folders and Permissions
TroubleshootingSystem Configuration, Task Manager, Event ViewerSystem Configuration Utility, Task Manager, Event Viewer
Disk Maintenance and Data RecoveryCleaning Hard Disks, Creating Restore Points, Backing up and
Restoring Data
Disk Cleanup, System Restore, Disk Defragment, Disk Management, Backup and Restore
Command Prompt ToolsNavigate the CLI, Basic CLI commands
attib, cd, cls, copy, del, dir, exit, md, move, ren, robocopy, xcopy
Remote AccessConfiguring Remote Desktop, Configuring Remote AssistanceRemote Desktop, Remote Assistance, Network and Sharing Center, Windows Firewall
Control PanelConfiguring Internet through Control Panel, Configuring Desktop through Control Panel, Configuring Power
Options through Control Panel, Configuring Action Center and UAC
Control Panel (Internet, Desktop, Power, Action Center, UAC)
Desktop CustomizationDesktop Customization, Folder OptionsTask Bar, Start Menu, Pinned, Aero Peek, Desktop Customization, Folder
Using Active Directory in the Enterprise ***LDAP, Forest, Trees, Domain, OusActive Directory (Ous, Group Policy, Users)
Data Backups in Windows, BSD, and Linux ***Backups, Backup StrategyPFSense Firewall Backup, Copying Files using WinSCP
Ubuntu Desktop Linux Installation ***Ubuntu Installation and ConfigurationUbuntu Install and Configuration
Domain Security ***Joining a Domain, Group PolicyActive Directory (Join a Domain, Group Policy)

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