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Virtual labs for
Information Security

Networking Fundamentals

These labs map to the domains of the CompTIA Network+, Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), and Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician (CCENT) certification exams. The learner will manage and troubleshoot networks, work with various TCP/IP protocols, and implement Network Security measures (port redirection, firewalls, remote access).

Over 250 labs for Information Security.

Breakdown of lab content

Lab NameTopics CoveredTools Used
Configuring Port RedirectionTesting the firewall, Allowing ICMP, Configuring Port Redirectionfirewall, SSH, nmap, zenmap, ping, pfsense
Implementing NAT and Allowing Remote Access***Understanding NAT, Configuring NAT, Secure Remote Loginfirewall, NAT, VPN, pfSense, ping
IPv4 vs IPv6 – Calculating, Configuring, and TestingDecimal, Binary, and Hex, SubnettingIP addressing, ping, IPv4, IPv6
Network ManagementAnalyze CPU and network utilization, Event viewer, logs, manage patches and updatesEvent viewer, logs, windows update, performance
Business Continuity - Disaster RecoveryBackups, Restore Data, Virus ScannerBackups, restore, virus scanner
Breaking WEP and WPA and Decrypting the Traffic***Viewing wireless networks, cracking WEP, cracking WPAwireshark
Closing Ports and Unnecessary ServicesScanning for open ports , connecting to open portsNMAP/Zenmap, telnet, FTP, Kali
Implementing Security Policies on Windows and LinuxSecuring Windows Logon, Auditing Logon Failures, Securing LinuxLogs, Event Viewer,firewall, iptables
Network Security - FirewallsConfiguring Firewalls on Windows and Linuxiptables, windows firewall
Network TroubleshootingTroubleshot DNS, DHCPDNS, DHCP, ping, ipconfig, nslookup
TCP/IP UtilitiesDisplaying computer information, IP information, DNS, Network connections, Network connectivity, ARPwireshark, whomai, hostname, net, systeminfo,
msinfo32, ipconfig, nslookup, netstat, ping,
The OSI ModelOSI Model and layerswireshark
TCP/IP Protocols - The Core Protocolsping to verify connectivity, Wireshark to examine protocols, Capture Packetsping, wireshark, arp
TCP/IP Protocols - Other Key ProtocolsCreate a DHCP scope, DHCP reservations, DNS RecordsDHCP, DNS
Types of NetworksPeer to peer and client/server networksFile Sharing, File Permissions, Drive Mapping, Sharing a printer, Web and FTP Server
Remote Access - RDPRemote Desktop, Create a VPN connection, Configuring Routing and Remote Access RoleRDP, VPN, Server Manager, net

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