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Virtual labs for
Information Security

Information Security Fundamentals

These labs map to the domains of the CompTIA Security+ certification. The learner explores aspects of Network Security (secure remote access), host hardening (host-based firewalls, security policies on Windows and Linux), social engineering, exploits (remote access trojans, wireless), cryptography, traffic analysis, and incident response procedures.

Over 250 labs for Information Security.

Breakdown of lab content

Lab NameTopics CoveredTools Used
Securing the pfSense Firewallfirewall, CIA, network hardening, TCP/IP, Nat, SSHpfSense
Implementing NAT and Allowing Remote AccessNAT, remote access, ICMP, VPN, L2TP, PPTPpfSense, ping, wireshark
Implementing Common Protocols and ServicesTCP/IPtelnet, ssh, ftp, scp, wireshark
Examining Wireless Networkswireless networking, WEP, WPA, IP, MACwireshark, ftp, telnet, pop
Implementing Security Policies on Windows and Linuxlogs, event viewer, TCP/IP, ftp, http, telnet, firewallsmetasploit, kali, iptables
Data Backups in Windows, BSD, and LinuxCIA, backups, availabilitypfSense, scp, net use
Incident Response Procedures, Forensics, and Forensic Analysisincident response, brute-force attacknmap, zenmap, pfSense, Bruter, RDP, kali, metasploit
Crafting and Deploying Malware Using a Remote Access Trojan (RAT)brute-force attack, malware, viruses, ransomware, trojan horse, rootkits, backdoorsnetstat, RDP, Bruter, DarkComet, nmap
Social Engineering Using SETsocial engineering, phishing, spear, whaling, clone, voice, smishing, pharmingsocial engineering toolkit, kali, metasploit
Breaking WEP and WPA and Decrypting the TrafficFTP, TELNET, WEP, WPA, SSID, DNSwireshark, iwconfig, airmonng, airdecap-ng
Deep Dive in Packet Analysis - Using Wireshark and Network Minerpacket analysis, TCP/IP, ftp, http, ssh, arp, ip, tcp, ipv6, icmp, udppop3, dnswireshark, network miner
Remote and Local Exploitationports, vulnerability analysis, exploitation/attacks, privilege escalationnmap/zenmap, openvas, kali, greenbone, metasploit, postgres, meterpreter
Patching, Securing Systems, and Configuring Anti-Viruspatching, defense-in-depth, firewalls, antivirusMS Security Essentials, nmap, kali, metasploit, telnet, ftp, ssh, scp,
Using Active Directory in the EnterpriseActive Directory, Group Policies, Password policiesAD
Using Public Key Encryption to Secure MessagesPKI, Public-Key Encryption, CIA, Certificates, Digital SignaturesOpera, Kleopatra, GnuPG, OpenPGP, PGP

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