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Virtual labs for
Information Security

Ethical Hacking

This set of labs maps to the domains of the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH). It employs an ethical hacking methodology to introduce the learner to various techniques and tools to include, but not limited to: reconnaissance, scanning, enumeration, exploitation, and post-exploitation.

Over 250 labs for Information Security.

Breakdown of lab content

Lab NameTopics CoveredTools Used
Attacking the Firewall and Stealing Data Over an Encrypted ChannelScanning, hacker types, gaining access, vulnerabilitiesKali, nmap/zenmap,
XAMPP, metasploit,
Attacking Webservers from the WANScanning, hacker types, gaining access, vulnerabilitiesXAMPP, Bruter,
nmap/zenmap, kali,
Breaking WEP and WPA and Decrypting the TrafficFTP, TELNET, WEP, WPA, SSID, DNSWireshark, iwconfig, airmonng, airdecap-ng
Capturing and Analyzing Network Traffic Using a SnifferConfiguring interfaces, generating traffic, FTP,TELNET, SMTP, POP3ifconfig, FTP, telnet, smtp,
pop3, wireshark
Crafting and Deploying Malware Using a Remote Access Trojan (RAT)Brute-force attack, malware, viruses, ransomware, trojan horse, rootkits,
netstat, RDP, Bruter,
DarkComet, nmap
Enumerating Hosts Using Wireshark, Windows, and Linux CommandsEnumeration/scanningwireshark, ifconfig, net,
Exploiting a Vulnerable Web ApplicationXAMPP vulnerability, windows smb
nmap/zenmap, metasploit,
kali, armitage
Performing a Denial of Service Attack from the WANDenial-of-serivice attacks, TCP flood,
UDP flood, HTTP Flood
ifconfig, tcpdump, LOIC,
Performing Reconnaissance from the WANReconnaissance, scanning, gaining
access, maintaining access, clearing
kali, nmap, metasploit,
telnet, RDP
Remote and Local ExploitationPorts, vulnerability analysis,
exploitation/attacks, privilege
nmap/zenmap, openvas,
kali, greenbone, metasploit,
postgres, meterpreter
Scanning the Network on the LANScanning, hacker types, gaining
access, vulnerabilities
nmap, kali, armitage,
Social Engineering Using SETSocial engineering, phishing, spear,
whaling, clone, voice, smishing,
social engineering toolkit,
kali, metasploit
Using Browser Exploitation to Take Over a Host’s ComputerScanning, hacker types, gaining
access, vulnerabilities, spear phishing
kali, metasploit, xampp,
opera mail, meterpreter,
john the ripper, iceweasel
Performing SQL Injection to Manipulate Tables in a DatabaseSQL injection, scanning, backdoornmap/zenmap, kali,
metasploit, meterpreter,
Attacking the Firewall and Stealing Data over an Encrypted ChannelScanning, gaining access,
vulnerabilities (xampp, smb)
kali, metasploit,
Using Public Key Encryption to Secure MessagesPKI, Public-Key Encryption, CIA,
Certificates, Digital Signatures
Opera, Kleopatra, GnuPG,

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